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"What would I do without the Strong Healthy You support group?! Accountability, motivation, health tips, and recipes all in one spot. It's an awesome group and getting to know everyone is like working out with family."


Gives Me Hope!

"Our support group really makes me want to keep going and not quit! I love reading about and seeing other people’s successes. It gives me hope that I can turn myself around. I also like the meal ideas! There’s always new and delicious ideas being passed around in there. It’s the little things in the group that have helped me the most!"


Encouragement & Motivation

"This support group has been SO helpful with encouragement and motivation. All "victories" are celebrated, no matter how small you think it is. It's great to be in a private group where others actually understand how you feel and to have people you can relate to."


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Occasionally I'll share some additional information related to living a healthy and happy life.

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The question I am most asked….”So what do you eat?” Download your free 7-day Eat to get Lean meal plan here.


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